KAMAKURA Collection 2020

The Junior Chamber International Kamakura holds a fashion show on November 15, 2020, at 14:00 at the Tokugetsuro in Kenchoji Temple as part of the SDGs, with an awareness of the garbage problem. Even though Kamakura's population is decreasing, the amount of waste generated per capita continues to increase. We need to focus on waste and work together with citizens to implement and widely disseminate methods for solving the problem.

For the fashion show opening, Miss Kamakura walks down the runway in kimono to educate the public about the importance of valuing clothing without throwing it away, and performers dressed in costumes to educate the public about the garbage problem will perform. Besides, to show how fashion can take care of things is many children walk as models.

ADF supports the purpose of the SDGs and is a supporter of the Kamakura Collection 2020.