ADF was established in 2009, as a nonprofit organization(NPO), with the aim of contributing to the improvement of education and culture related to design by building a wide range of networks with domestic and international organizations and citizens through the collection of various information related to design and information dissemination. Further, as part of CSR activities to support cultural and social contribution activities and branding, we launched the ADF Awards service. The official name is NPO Aoyama Design Forum; we will also use the abbreviated ADF, NPO ADF, Aoyama Design Forum, and so forth for convenience.

NPO Aoyama Design Forum's activities

To achieve the above objectives, the ADF conducts the following types of specified nonprofit activities.

  • Activities to promote social education
  • Activities to promote academic, cultural, artistic or sports
  • Activities to stimulate economic activities
  • Activities to support the development of vocational abilities or expansion of employment opportunities
  • Liaison, advice, or assistance concerning the management or activities of an organization that engages in the activities mentioned above

The useful information that ADF has provided:

  • Design News -Introduce the latest global information and design awards in the world
  • Business Information -Introduce international design and architecture-related competitions and projects
  • Education and Training
    • Provide a workshop and conference collaborated with institutions and organizations around the world
    • Support the internship opportunities for the world-famous design and architect companies
  • Job Information -Introduce the companies seeking the designers and architects
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As an international award, the company can tell the world what the company is all about

Through the award business as a CSR activity, ADF will promote your corporate cultural and social contribution to the world, while at the same time accelerating your branding.