ASA Experimental Design Competition 2020

Besides the outstandingly astonishing architecture like registered national historic monuments and sites –that have been well recognized and commonly accepted as the nation’s heritage to be safeguarded and preserved, there are a myriad of overlooked historic buildings that can be called “Everyday Heritage.” Without an understanding of their significances, a number of “Everyday Heritage” places have remained unremarked. Their subtle values might have gone unnoticed either because of our familiarity with their appearances or because of their simplicity in designs, their smallness in sizes and their ordinary functions. Their merits might have been hidden either under their ramshackle conditions or under their messy looks. Their worth might have been unrecognized because they depict the daily lives of common people and localities that may seem unimportant. Their significances might have been left uninterpreted because they represent the recent past. Whatever conceals awareness of their values, it is a pity that ‘THE EVERYDAY HERITAGE’ have been either mistreated, damaged, or torn down and that they have gradually disappeared from our surroundings. This competition asks participants to look for the overlooked – ‘THE EVERYDAY HERITAGE’ that have been ignored and their potentials that are likewise slighted. It is to point out such existing heritage property and to propose an architectural design with an appropriate scope of architectural intervention and purpose that helps reveal and enhance its hidden original values and that creatively establishes a new contemporary meaning to the place. ADF (NPO Aoyama Design Forum) was proud to support this competition.